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McMahon-Wrinkle Municipal Airport 12-Unit Hangar

Abilene Regional Airport
 TSA Breakroom

Austin - Bergstrom International Airport
 American Airlines Co-Location
 American Airlines Admiral's Club
 American Airlines BSO Expansion
​ American Airlines Maintenance Office and Breakroom

 Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport
 American Airlines Mesa Aircraft Maintenance Expansion (in progress)
 American Airlines Term C Holdroom Refresh
 American Airlines Employee Cafe (in progress)
 Terminals A, B & E Charging Stations
 Terminal A Exterior Banner XB-2 (in progress)
 Terminal C-D Skybridge XB-1 (in progress)
 East Side Chiller Plant Rehabilitation
 TRIP - Terminal A Phase 2
 TRIP - Terminal E Phase 2
 TRIP - Terminal A Phase 3
 TRIP - Terminal E Phase 3
 TRIP - Terminal B Phase 3
 TRIP - Terminal E Phase 4

George Bush Intercontinental Airport
 Unit Decommissioning & Make Ready

McAllen Miller International Airport
 American Airlines BSO GM Renovations

McMahon-Wrinkle Municipal Airport
 12 Unit T-Hangar

Palestine Municipal Airport
 Rehabilitation of Runways, Taxiways and Apron

San Angelo Regional Airport
​ TSA Breakroom

​​San Antonio International Airport
 American Airlines Baggage Handling IT

​​Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport
 10,500 sf Pre-Engineered Hangar


Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport 10,500 sf Pre-Engineered Hangar

DFW International Airport East Side Chiller Plant Rehabilitation